Exploring the Durian Capital of the Philippines


Davao has been known for its Durian, hard-line implementation of laws and most of all the most tourist-friendly atmosphere. It wasn’t always my first choice but it seems everyone around me says that it’s a really cool place for a short vacation if you want a homey feel without giving the luxuries of urban life. If you happen to visit Davao, you need to be acquainted of the common places convenient to any tourist.

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An Awesome Encounter With Mr. Nobody

Mr Nobody Jared LetoI didn’t expect my first post for this year to be about a certain movie. I know it is somewhat off topic since this blog is supposedly about travel and fashion. However, I can also consider this one as one of those unique travels that a person can possibly do. It was literally travelling into Mr. Nobody’s life. It is a 2009 science fiction drama film which could definitely turn your mind around.The way things being explained in the movie was very creative especially when the Angel of Oblivion forgot to touch his lips which lead to his ability to see the future.

I was warned beforehand that the movie can be very confusing but I took the challenge. At first it was, but when I finally finished it after a series of interruptions, I was able to learn the following logical lessons:

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2013 Encounters: A Year-ender Throwback


It’s just so amazing how time flies so fast and now I’m about bid 2013 a thankful goodbye. It was indeed a tough year I can say as it started with so much challenges and problems to deal with. However, it was also a year of fruitful memories and learnings that I can never learn in any school.

2013 will always be cherished as it made me stronger as a person, sister and most especially as a daughter.

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The Meet and Greet Encounter With The Kuwait Tower

It really feels great to be able to roam in this country without any fear of being caught by roving policemen checking for civil identification. After almost 6 months, I finally get to hold my civil ID and can now freely discover the amazing places of Kuwait.


Before any place else, it is just rightful to visit the country’s landmark which is popularly known as the Kuwait Tower. It is composed of three slender towers that are facing the Persian Gulf and was inaugurated last February 26, 1977 as the official landmark and symbol of modern Kuwait.

Having them as the background in your picture is a perfect evidence that you’re indeed in Kuwait.

It’s just so happen that we ate in one of the restaurants nearby and we were able to have a picturesque view of the Kuwait Tower.

That time was extremely cold but I managed to pose and take photos of the gigantic structure. It brings a certain feeling of fulfillment that finally, I would be able to see them up close. Good thing my companions brought with them digital cameras and the clicking of the shutter buttons just went on and on.

More amazing structures and places in the coming days! Masalam!

The Aftermath Of Yolanda’s Rage: A Horrible Encounter

I just couldn’t let it pass not to post something about what had recently happened to my beloved country. The mighty typhoon named Yolanda hilariously damaged a lot of our precious islands leaving nothing but traces of grief and disaster. Branded as being the strongest that ever hit the world, no wonder it caused that much damage that no man could ever imagine.


It may have been always said that there’s a rainbow after the rain but this time no rainbow was seen. Instead, the entire place was filled with crying people, worried for their missing love ones at the same time mourning for those who died right in front of their eyes. Such a heartbreaking scene that could lead anyone to crying as well. I may not be in my country right now but it has been the main news in almost all news channels and even flooded the timeline of my social networking sites.

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Setting Foot On The Land Of Dates And Sandstorms

Finally! After few months of hiatus, I finally found a way to update this blog again. I happened to change my timezone and getting online in this part of the globe seemed to be difficult. I just got a job in this country known to be the land of dates and sandstorms.


I’m in Kuwait, just to cut the guessing part short. It ain’t the dream country I longed to visit or get a job but after a little “googling” this place has a lot of things to offer. Slightly, it ignited by curious self.

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Short Yet Awesome Solo Singapore Trip

Who would have thought that I would be able to roam around Singapore? I was already informed that my flight to Kuwait would be through the land of the famous Merlion but it was never mentioned that I would be staying there for more than a day.

Arrivals hall

After the local airport (Davao International Airport) was cleared for flights last June 5, 2013 due to the Cebu Pacific plane that overshot the runway, I took the earliest flight of SilkAir on the same day en-route Singapore.

The flight lasted for 4 hours and upon seeing the huge signage that reads CHANGI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, there is a certain excitement deep inside my heart that finally I would be able to experience those several positive reviews that they had. Their airport is known to be one of the best in the world and it’s going to be the very place I’m landing.

Indeed the reviews are true. It seems like I’ve entered a huge 5 start hotel and mall merged into one. Everything’s high-tech and they have this mini bullet train that transfers passengers from one terminal to the other. Way back in my country they’re using shuttle buses.

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An Awesome Encounter With Fatkids Wafels And Frappe

Camera 360

The entire day I was roaming around the city for some important transactions when my hungry self suddenly craves for something different. I’m a certified foodie and gets curious every time a new ‘chow’ arrives in town.

In the past few days, I’ve been avoiding rice meals and has been looking for alternatives for my carb cravings.

Good thing a friend of mine who happened to be a pastry chef decided to let the public taste some of his wafel (Belgian spelling of waffle) creations by opening Fatkids Wafels and Frappe.

Camera 360

Having waffles in exchange of rice is just so perfect!

If you’re thinking of the usual waffle and syrup tandem, think again because that’s too basic.

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Childhood Encounters 101: My First Inspiration

Let the setting of the story be rewinded few years back.

A little girl was all set to attend her first ever school day. Everything’s new: shoes, uniform, bag, pencils, notebooks, crayons and lot of kiddie school stuff that a typical kindergarten student would have. Her favorite among her school things was that grayish, rectangular paper pad with red and blue lines on it. It was where she learned how to draw that first straight line, not so perfect circle, the crooked big and small letters of the ABC as well as 123. The basics that she learned amazingly fast. Maybe she’s gifted or maybe she’s just motivated, no one knows.


One day her teacher told them to memorize the first ten numbers for an oral recitation test the next day. She’s excited as usual and even forced her mom to let her memorize not only the first ten numbers but the first hundred. She just can’t wait for the sun to rise the next day and be in school for the oral recitation.

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Awesome Realizations; Losing For The Sake Of Gaining

399073_3962147181787_1349580476_n It has been a tough start for my 2013 as I struggled to give my mom the best nursing care that I can offer. Even though she can no longer recognize me in her last few days, I didn’t mind it because what matters to me is her comfort and cure.

I would surely be missing her and up to her last breath, she made sure that we will be alright even though she’s no longer with us. I may hope that if possible she could stay a little longer but then I realized that it would just lengthen her pain. It would be very selfish of me if that’s the case.

Losing her is so painful, but she taught me to stay strong and continue my life for the rest of the family. She nurtured my sense of responsibility and made me realized my capacity to take care of the family in her behalf. She trusted me that much to finally let go and it’s something to be proud of.

She’s a kind mother who will not spoon-feed everything but rather let you do things on your own to prepare yourself for life’s toughest battles. Indeed she raised me well.

Losing her gave us a lot of hidden blessings and one of the most important ones are those relationships once broken being reconciled.

I was able to realize how families are taking care of each other (both from my mother’s and father’s). I didn’t feel alone after all.

During the time of my mother’s illness, I was able witness the realization of the sacred promise of “IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH” as my father clearly lived to it.

Never in my life I saw them fighting on the top of their voices, exchanging harsh words and insults. Either one would always lower his or her pride.

Somehow, the pain is slowly fading but I know it is going to be a tough and long process. Time will come that everything will be fine.

I know my mom is not totally leaving us because I know that she will be forever be staying in our hearts. Whenever we face problems, I will just only remember how she faced it during her time and eventually we’ll get through it.

I will forever be missing you mang. Thank you for raising me well. Be happy and pain free in the other side.