The Meet and Greet Encounter With The Kuwait Tower

It really feels great to be able to roam in this country without any fear of being caught by roving policemen checking for civil identification. After almost 6 months, I finally get to hold my civil ID and can now freely discover the amazing places of Kuwait.


Before any place else, it is just rightful to visit the country’s landmark which is popularly known as the Kuwait Tower. It is composed of three slender towers that are facing the Persian Gulf and was inaugurated last February 26, 1977 as the official landmark and symbol of modern Kuwait.

Having them as the background in your picture is a perfect evidence that you’re indeed in Kuwait.

It’s just so happen that we ate in one of the restaurants nearby and we were able to have a picturesque view of the Kuwait Tower.

That time was extremely cold but I managed to pose and take photos of the gigantic structure. It brings a certain feeling of fulfillment that finally, I would be able to see them up close. Good thing my companions brought with them digital cameras and the clicking of the shutter buttons just went on and on.

More amazing structures and places in the coming days! Masalam!

  • jehzlau

    nice! yan yung pinaka sikat na towers sa kuwait? pinaka mataas din? O_O

    • Nice Urdaneta

      Yep, national landmark siya ng kuwait… Symbol/water reservoir…