An Awesome Encounter With Mr. Nobody

Mr Nobody Jared LetoI didn’t expect my first post for this year to be about a certain movie. I know it is somewhat off topic since this blog is supposedly about travel and fashion. However, I can also consider this one as one of those unique travels that a person can possibly do. It was literally travelling into Mr. Nobody’s life. It is a 2009 science fiction drama film which could definitely turn your mind around.The way things being explained in the movie was very creative especially when the Angel of Oblivion forgot to touch his lips which lead to his ability to see the future.

I was warned beforehand that the movie can be very confusing but I took the challenge. At first it was, but when I finally finished it after a series of interruptions, I was able to learn the following logical lessons:

“As long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible”

  • Everything is all about CHOICES
  • We only have two choices in this world; whether we say YES or NO.
  • Each of these choices has its corresponding consequences and once we’ve chosen one, there’s no turning back.

Love Life and Destiny

  • Anna

- the girl who happened to be Mr. Nobody’s soulmate and destiny. She’s that particular first and last love that no matter which path Nemo will choose, they’ll end up together. Once in our life, we would always have that ONLY love whom we want to spend the rest of our life with. However, this may not happen immediately as your epic love story is yet to encounter vast amount of challenges but it end, both of you will eventually end up in each other’s arms.

  • Elise

- she’s that girl whom he learned to love because of pity. Mr. Nobody did his best to keep the marriage working even though he appeared stupid and miserable. He fulfill promises and will do whatever Elise wants him to do (Burn his car when she was jealous to it and spread her ashes in Mars).

  • Jean
  • -the girl he married out of “come what may”. He never really took this lady seriously. He continued to live his life based on what he wants and didn’t even thought about his family. Basically Jean is just a choice made out of anger. He was heartbroken with Elise and now he was left with no choice but to look for an alternative. Their marriage didn’t have substance. He just worked so hard to provide the family financially but not emotionally.

    The movie wasn’t really a love story but rather a reflection of what a certain life could turn out to be out of the decisions we made. Decisions that can never be edited nor ignored. You need to face its consequences and deal it.

    The movie was mind boggling yet full of rich lessons that only who watched it seriously can understand. This is yet another encounter that once in a while we should try.

    • jehzlau

      Hahahaha! Great review. I never figured out that Anna was his soulmate. Hahaha! Galing!

      • Nice Urdaneta

        Thanks! Yeah si ana talaga! Maliban na lang dun sa life na pipiliin niya si jean kasi namatay naman din siya agad! Hahahaha